The SHF Crew Values

Trust. Cordiality. Enthusiasm. Respect & tolerance. Honesty. Motivation.


Our outstanding successes are the result of our mutual reliability. This in turn strengthens our security and self-confidence – day after day – and lets us be unique as a Crew!

“Trust is an oasis of the heart that is never reached by the caravan of thought.”
Khalil Gibran


We are always friendly, polite and open in our Crew, among ourselves and with our guests. Our natural charisma creates a basis for community and friendship.

“Our talents thrive best when they can grow in a climate of cordiality.”
Ernst Ferstl


Through the passion and joy in what we do,we inspire each other and thus create a team spirit full of motivation and optimism. Our basic attitude towards solution orientation is the breeding ground for confidence and inspires our guests.

„Nothing great has ever been created without enthusiasm.“
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Respect & tolerance

We respect and value our counterparts (colleagues, superiors, guests) and always treat each other honestly and as equals. Likewise, we also recognise our high-quality products as well as our benefits and treat them with appreciation.

“Always have respect for yourself, respect for others and take responsibility for your actions.”
Dalai Lama


We work on the basis that we are always true to ourselves and to others and thus deal fairly with each other. We learn from our mistakes and are open to feedback and constructive criticism in order to constantly improve.

“Truth is based on trust, those who can trust are not afraid of the truth.”
David Würner


We, the entire Crew, always act responsibly and work consistently with focus to achieve our goals. Determination is the prerequisite for all our success and we support each other in this.

“Determination is one of the essentials for success in life, no matter what your goal.”
John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

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