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What our crew members think about Schlosshotel Fiss

Would you like to know what differentiates a career at SHF?
What excites our Crew Members about their job?

Read the opinions of our SHF Crew Members and get a picture of the crewlife.

I am grateful to be part of the SHF Crew because...

- I am able to do a job that I love and I am provided with a beautiful accommodation.
- everyone is always friendly and happy to help.
- I like everyone a lot and the owners are great.
- it is a beautiful place to work with lots of benefits.

Quotes from our Crew Members

“Each day I look forward to work. I love my job and the daily challenges with the crew.”

- ANDREA SCHIRGI | Accounting & Payroll | SHF Crew Member since 2013

“Thanks to the trust that Mrs Domenig and Mr Buchhammer place in me, I can work very independently and keep pushing my own standards in order to progress personally and with the crew. I pass this trust on, and this creates real self-confidence, motivation, professionalism and the atmosphere that characterises the Schlosshotel.”

- DANIELA SCHWEBCKE | Restaurant Manager | SHF Crew Member since 2015

“For me, the Schlosshotel Fiss is the perfect place to introduce young people to gastronomy. There is a good work-life balance, a great crew, nice accommodation, good pay, high-class guests and first-class working materials.”

- SAM LUTZ | Bar Manager | SHF Crew Member since 2018

Whether you’re a guest or an employee, once you’ve landed here, you feel safe, secure and inspired by the beauty of the SHF and the surrounding nature. At the SHF, people meet at eye level and you are appreciated from the very first minute.

- KATHARINA BUGARSCHITZ | Assistant Marketing Manager | SHF Crew Member since 2019

In addition to the numerous benefits, the team spirit, the working environment and the atmosphere are the strongest reasons to become and remain part of the SHF crew. That you feel comfortable and can develop professionally and personally if you want to.

- VERENA RESCH | Reservations Manager | SHF Crew Member since 2020

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