For good fairies who conjure up glamour and cleanliness.

As good fairies, you ensure 5-star cleanliness at the Schlosshotel Fiss behind the scenes and as if by an invisible hand – and make a significant contribution to our guests feeling at home with us. Thank you very much!

“If there was one quality that every member of your SHF Housekeeping crew had to have, what would it be? “

“My aim is to give everyone the space to talk things through to keep the mood in the crew positive.”


What to expect from the SHF Housekeeping Crew...

Highest standards.

In Schlosshotel Fiss you work to the highest standards and for perfect cleanliness. Your work is the basis for the beautiful feel-good ambience of our hotel.

Everything is clear!

Thanks to the simple and clear structure of the team and the tasks, you always know exactly what needs to be done, when and how – and enjoy confidence in a fantastic Crew.

Simple, modern, clean.

All our rooms, the spa area and the entire Schlosshotel Fiss are modern and furnished to a high standard. The materials are easy to maintain and clean.

Strong spirit.

The SHF Housekeeping Crew is a strong Crew that works professionally, with fairness, excellent teamwork and heartfeltness. Become part of it!

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For good fairies who work magic with glitter and glamour.

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