SHF Management

Trust. Cordiality. Enthusiasm. Respect & tolerance. Honesty. Motivation.

These are the values according to which Simone Domenig and Christian Buchhammer manage and lead the Schlosshotel Fiss and the SHF Crew.

Simone Domenig, Owner & Managing Director

Simone Domenig has been part of the SHF Crew since 2004 and in 2016 she took over the Schlosshotel Fiss as owner and managing director from her mother Bernadette Domenig.

What characterises the SHF Crew?

Simone Domenig: “The SHF Crew is made up of people who enjoy working professionally and successfully, and who stand behind our values both professionally and personally. We build on trust, warmth, enthusiasm, respect and tolerance, honesty and commitment in everything we do. Every member of the SHF Crew is important in their position and function and is taken seriously. The flat hierarchy makes it possible for us to actively live the team concept in everyday hotel life and benefit from its many advantages.”

What do I expect from my employees?

Simone Domenig: “Above all, a willingness to perform that matches the standard of the hotel and reflects the character of the Schlosshotel Fiss. Professionalism is just as important as enjoying your work, openness in internal communication, friendliness towards guests and SHF Crew colleagues, as well as the willingness to constantly improve and bring your own personality to the company.”

Christian Buchhammer, Hotel Director

Christian Buchhammer has been the hotel director at the Schlosshotel Fiss since 2017.

What characterises the SHF Crew?

Christian Buchhammer: “In the SHF Crew, you can feel the desire to constantly develop and improve. The team also impresses with its natural charisma, mutual reliability and respect for guests and colleagues.”

What is our common goal?

Christian Buchhammer: “We want to offer our guests a unique Schlosshotel experience and fulfil the holiday wishes of young, old and middle-aged guests at a high level. Our aim is to put a smile on our guests’ faces every day.”

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