Reception & Reservation

Dedicated to individuals with a genuine spirit and a welcoming demeanor.

At Schlosshotel Fiss, you serve as the primary point of contact—the initial friendly face and the warm goodbye for our guests! As a vital part of the SHF team, you play a pivotal role in crafting the distinctive Schlosshotel experience right from the outset.

“What does authentic recognition mean to you, both among the SHF team and in interactions with guests?”

“For me, true appreciation manifests through respectful conduct, fostering communication built on loyalty and mutual value. The additional SHF Crew Benefits serve as a complement to this sense of recognition.”

VICTOR DAUS | Reception Manager

What to expect from the SHF Reception & Reservations Crew...

It is always exciting!

Interesting tasks, personal contact, a range of topics and individual requests – your work is always diverse and fascinating. Enjoy!

A warm welcome.

Your voice can be the first thing a guest at the Schlosshotel Fiss experiences. With warm friendliness and professional charm you will convince!

Can you feel it?

Holidays are emotion! Promoting and accompanying our guests passionately and full of joy during the most beautiful and precious days of the year is one of the best parts of your work.

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