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3 questions for SHF head chef & SHF restaurant manager

Head chef Michael Angerer and restaurant manager Daniela Schwebcke lead their department and are pillars of SHF Hospitality. They epitomise cooperation at eye level and strong team spirit. In these short interviews, we give you a glimpse behind the scenes of the SHF Kitchen Crew and the SHF Service Crew.

Michael Angerer, SHF head chef

Conjure up new dishes every day with creativity and passion. Working in a team that relies on honesty and team spirit and never loses sight of the fun at work. This is what everyday life is like in the SHF kitchen crew.

Why do you enjoy taking on so much responsibility? What is your motivation?

“It’s an internal incentive. I like taking responsibility for my SHF crew to give them a boost and we have a great team spirit. I also enjoy supporting the trainees and apprentices, showing them the job and treating everyone with respect on an equal footing. I get my own personal motivation from the mountains. Hiking, mountaineering, climbing and ski tours – some people also call me the apr├Ęs-ski guide of the SHF kitchen crew ;).”

What is essential behind the scenes in the SHF kitchen that guests hardly know about?

“For example, 10,000 to 15,000 plates are washed every day. The processes from order list management to the system in the cold store and warehouse to the finished dish are highly optimised and easy for everyone to understand. With Magnus, we even have our own warehouse manager in the SHF kitchen crew, who takes a daily inventory and manages up to 15 roll containers a day, all of which arrive in a very short time window in the early hours of the morning so that our guests are not disturbed.”

What criteria do you use to decide what goes on the menu?

“Our selection is seasonal, regional and subject to availability, and there is always something to fulfil the wishes of our many regular guests.”

Daniela Schwebcke, Restaurant Manager

Varied and cordial – that’s the everyday working life of the SHF Service Crew. The warmth is not only felt by the guests, but also by the crew members themselves.

How do you recognise that someone is a perfect fit for your SHF Service Crew?

“When the chemistry is right. When the demeanour and the vibes are right and I can feel that the person can identify with the SHF. That he or she understands the hotel from the inside out and can and wants to embody it like we do. If someone has a derogatory or repulsive attitude, it is not possible to work together here. We rely on naturalness, good chemistry and a professional, warm demeanour.”

How do you manage to combine the highest level of professionalism with a family-like warmth in everyday SHF Crew life and towards guests?

“Thanks to the trust that Mrs Domenig and Mr Buchhammer place in me, I can work very independently and keep pushing my own standards in order to progress personally and with the crew. I pass this trust on, and this creates real self-confidence, motivation, professionalism and the atmosphere that characterises the Schlosshotel.”

When are you really happy in your role as SHF Host and as a member of the SHF Crew?

“When a guest simply walks past with a “thumbs up” and thanks me for a great holiday. The best thing is when regular guests arrive and say: “I’m home again at last”, and when SHF Crew Members like to come back every year and feel at home, because I do too.”


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